Black Blackround

I shined the light in certain direction, and I also changed the camera settings so that it only took a certain amount of light. Only some angles that you point the light at worked while some angles got the persons shoulders which is incorrect.

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5 Shots

In this project, I had to take pictures of two objects and one person from five different angles. The challenge was finding the perfect lighting on the object. Taking a picture of Anthony was challenging because he had ton stay in the same position. This project helped me realize that there are a lot of different angles you can take photos from.

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My Logo

I would get my photos that I need for my classes online. I would search up a picture I need, and than copy and paste the photo into the project I need it for. I do not contact the owner of the photo when I copy and paste their photo onto my project. When I use a photo from the internet I always give credit to the photographer. If someone used my photo for a project, I expect them to give me credit in their project. My logo is a camera and my name. Making my logo was pretty easy and choosing the font size was probably the hardest part.