24 Colors

For this project, 24 Colors, it was very easy to find most of the colors in my everyday life. Some of the challenges where that since there where so many colors in your everyday life that are very similar so there are more than one thing of each color. When I did it I found 24 colors, but then the next few days I saw some colors that looked better or more artsy, so I had many photos. The colors that were hard to find was all the blues, purples, and pinks, because many things are not that color. While the green was easy because there was grass, plants, and more, while there weren’t as many options for the other colors. I did like this project because it made me realize how there’s so much around you that I never hardly noticed. Down below is a link for all of my photos. Hope you like them all!

Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6o0T5aCXSJ2d0gcP2

Color: Black

Color: Green

Color: Yellow

Color: Violet Purple