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Overall this semester was very good. I learned a lot of things about photography like the certain lighting and rule of thirds. My thoughts on photography have changed a little because I realized what photos can convey to an audience. It can make you see what is really happening and bring a new view into your eyes. I have changed the way I take photos because now I take many photos of the same thing. I experiment and use many angles and viewpoints. I understand now that I have the power to make people see things I want them to see. Photography does interest me and probably will be a hobby of mine. I will hopefully continue to learn in high school because I want to learn more things and it is a chance for me to be more creative and show things to other people. I really enjoyed photography this year.

One of my favorite pictures for this project is this one. Hope you like my pics!

Link for more photos:



During this project I realized many things. For example, I saw how stereotypes affect the world. When people don’t smile it makes them look scary or someone you might not want to approach, but when people do smile it makes them seem friendly and someone you would want to approach. Also, I found it was very awkward asking people if I could take photos of them since I didn’t know them. I realized when I saw them I made assumptions of who they might be and many photographs do that when taking photos and can make them look a certain way. In this world today many people judge and this project is a great way to see what a person can be and who they are vs. what they look like. Here is the link for all of my photos and my favorite photo.



The first photo on the 911 attack shows that during this time the photo was taken no one knew that this was a terrorist attack. The photographer Steve Ludlum looked up and saw smoke. He snapped the photo and got out of there. Looking at this photo made me feel very sad because of what had happened. Many people were committing suicide and all people knew was that the buildings had fallen. I was stunned by this photo and how they had captured this shot during a time of terror. I was drawn to this photo because of the amazement of what they captured. He randomly captured all the smoke and planes crashing into the buildings. 

The second photo was what I had been looking for. Since most of the photos captured sad or painful moments, I was looking to write about something happy. I immediately saw this photo and was joyful. This photo shows what happened when a vietnam war camp prisoner came home and his family so happy to see him. The children were running towards him and the mom was crying tears of joy. I was drew to this because of the moment of happiness the photographer had captured. Looking at it made me feel happy and realize that there was hope for all these families. 

Being a photographer and taking all these photos that others did would be somewhat impossible for me. Seeing all this pain in some of the other photos was something I couldn’t do. Instead of taking a photo I would do everything I could to help, even if there was nothing.  I also wouldn’t want to share this pain, although people need to know. Plus, I wouldn’t want everyone to know that I couldn’t help and only took the photo. 

The exhibit I choose was The Berlin Wall. This wall showed how there was freedom on one side and captivity on the other. The east side kept everyone in, or at least tried to. While the West side had freedom and expression. Some people even helped the East to get out an over the way. People wrote all over the wall and showed there beliefs. I liked seeing the difference between each side and the writing on the wall. This fit into the museum about freedom, expression, and tough times like many of the photos did. The wall interested me and same with the story behind it. 

Set in the Street Project

Our project was called “Set in the Street”. This means that we build a set and put it in a place where many people walk by even though what we make might not correspond with what’s there. We decided the easiest thing to do was build a living room and use things from the teachers lounge. We would then place it in the middle of our school hallway and during Arts Night. In order to build this we built 3 panels out of wood (8ft tall by 4ft long)and drywall. We used many tools like a hammer, nails, drills and screws to connect everything and create a wall. Then we had to paint it all and connect them together. In order for it to stand up we had a bar on the floor and three pieces of wood connecting one to each panel. When the wall was all built we dragged and lifted it into our spot in the hallway. Bringing the couches and bookshelf down from the teachers lounge was very hard, but we managed to succeed. First we placed the couch in the middle and the chair to the side. We created a long coffee table using two small ones and put a lamp behind the chair. We placed the bookshelf on the other side and filled it with the books. We created a more natural like place and had decorations in the bookshelf. We also laid a deck of cards on the table along with a few books. Our last and final touch was placing a picture of our school on the wall. We nailed a nail in and hung it up in the center. Finally, we all signed our names on the back to show all of our hard work. We then took photos while people were walking by and all throughout arts night. Below is some of the photos we took and a time lapse of creating the set.


Thankful Epic

I am thankful for my Mom because she teaches me many things. My mom shows me how to be strong and independent and shows me to always be kind to everyone. She is a huge role model in my life because of everything thing she does and how she never gives up.

I am thankful for my friends because they bring joy into my life. They always make me laugh and have a good time, no matter when. They are kind, smart, and always helpful to me.

I am thankful for my dog because he never leaves me. He is always there during tough times and always makes me smile. Whether it is chasing squirrels or playing fetch he makes me happy and shows me to always have a good time in life.

I am thankful for the beach because it is my happy place. I love relaxing on the beach, seeing the sunrises and sunsets, and playing in the water. My family and I always go down to the beach to have a good time and vacation.

I am thankful for quiet nights and good books because it is a good time to relax. This is a good time to just take it slow which is important to me.

I am thankful for soccer because I love playing goalie and having great friendships with my team. Playing soccer makes me happy, especially when playing goalie.

I am thankful for my home because it is where I grew up. This is one of the only places I have know for my whole life. I have learned so much from neighbors and love everything where I live.


Rule of Thirds

During this project, I learned many things. For example, I learned when using rule of thirds it is very eye catching and draws you in to see certain parts of an image more than others. It helps tell a story and lead the audience into the artwork. This can be very helpful when trying to convey a message or even just showing a beautiful piece of work. Using this rule it makes the image look better. A challenge for this project was trying to figure certain things to take pictures of in the school. This is because it is somewhat boring, but we have to make it interesting and draw the audiences attention. It was easy to take photos outside because there was so much to look at and it is very pretty during this time of year.  In conclusion, this was a very interesting project and very helpful when taking photos.

Here is the link for more photos:

Light Graffiti

For this project we had to use many different settings and had to mes around a lot. This was because we had many challenges. One of the biggest challenges was lighting the person up. When we did it we were sometimes to close so it would look as if they were very white. Sometimes you couldn’t see them at all. When we messed with the F-stop on certain images we found that it was better to only do one layer at parts because then the camera wouldn’t capture so much that it would overpower it. This project was very fun because you could draw and make whatever you wanted. Whether it was a setting or powers coming from the person.

Here is the link for more of the photos we took-

White Backgrounds

The link above is to see all other photos I took and edited during this project.

This is my favorite photo that I took and edited during our White Background Photos Project. We had to take photos on a white background, make it infinite background, and then edit them. I preferably, made my photos black and white, so it made a dramatic affect of the background and person. It was challenging to make the photos not have a shadow and make the lighting right. We messed with the F-stop, ISO, and shutter speed to make the photo have no background. I learned a lot about the camera and thought this was a very cool project to do.

Black and White Photos

This project was a great learning experience. Our goal was to create photos on an  infinite background and then edit it. We used a camera that were available to us and had to mess with  ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-Stop in order to make the photo how we wanted. Finding the best possible lighting and angle for the photo was hard. You didn’t want to make the photo orange or have green in the back. I decided to make part of her face with the light and others with all of her face lit up. To get the angle and lighting I wanted with the background dark we had to play around a little bit. When editing I made the background darker using curves and what part I wanted to be lighter and made it black & white. It was a good chance for us to learn how to do all of this on a camera. Here is the link for more of my photos.

App Review For VSCO and BeFunky

One of my favorite editing apps is VSCO. VSCO, also know for VSCO Cam, is a (photography editing app where you can take photos, upload them (if you have an account), and edit them using filters, exposure to sunlight, and more, to make your photo just the way you want it.  I enjoy this app because my photo can be however I want. I can make the background darker, or lighter, make me darker or more exposure to sunlight, and more.  This app can do so much for your photo. Here are some of the photos I took and edited on VSCO.

One of my favorite online photo editing site’s is BeFunky. I love this because I can enhance the color and darkness. It can look more bright, bold, more contrast, and highlight certain things. This website truly makes your photo look a lot better. BeFunky is a editing app for you to make your photo using so many different things and you can even make a collage with your photos. Here is the web address:  Here are some photos I edited on BeFunky. Hope you like them!