Set in the Street Project

Our project was called “Set in the Street”. This means that we build a set and put it in a place where many people walk by even though what we make might not correspond with what’s there. We decided the easiest thing to do was build a living room and use things from the teachers lounge. We would then place it in the middle of our school hallway and during Arts Night. In order to build this we built 3 panels out of wood (8ft tall by 4ft long)and drywall. We used many tools like a hammer, nails, drills and screws to connect everything and create a wall. Then we had to paint it all and connect them together. In order for it to stand up we had a bar on the floor and three pieces of wood connecting one to each panel. When the wall was all built we dragged and lifted it into our spot in the hallway. Bringing the couches and bookshelf down from the teachers lounge was very hard, but we managed to succeed. First we placed the couch in the middle and the chair to the side. We created a long coffee table using two small ones and put a lamp behind the chair. We placed the bookshelf on the other side and filled it with the books. We created a more natural like place and had decorations in the bookshelf. We also laid a deck of cards on the table along with a few books. Our last and final touch was placing a picture of our school on the wall. We nailed a nail in and hung it up in the center. Finally, we all signed our names on the back to show all of our hard work. We then took photos while people were walking by and all throughout arts night. Below is some of the photos we took and a time lapse of creating the set.


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