The first photo on the 911 attack shows that during this time the photo was taken no one knew that this was a terrorist attack. The photographer Steve Ludlum looked up and saw smoke. He snapped the photo and got out of there. Looking at this photo made me feel very sad because of what had happened. Many people were committing suicide and all people knew was that the buildings had fallen. I was stunned by this photo and how they had captured this shot during a time of terror. I was drawn to this photo because of the amazement of what they captured. He randomly captured all the smoke and planes crashing into the buildings. 

The second photo was what I had been looking for. Since most of the photos captured sad or painful moments, I was looking to write about something happy. I immediately saw this photo and was joyful. This photo shows what happened when a vietnam war camp prisoner came home and his family so happy to see him. The children were running towards him and the mom was crying tears of joy. I was drew to this because of the moment of happiness the photographer had captured. Looking at it made me feel happy and realize that there was hope for all these families. 

Being a photographer and taking all these photos that others did would be somewhat impossible for me. Seeing all this pain in some of the other photos was something I couldn’t do. Instead of taking a photo I would do everything I could to help, even if there was nothing.  I also wouldn’t want to share this pain, although people need to know. Plus, I wouldn’t want everyone to know that I couldn’t help and only took the photo. 

The exhibit I choose was The Berlin Wall. This wall showed how there was freedom on one side and captivity on the other. The east side kept everyone in, or at least tried to. While the West side had freedom and expression. Some people even helped the East to get out an over the way. People wrote all over the wall and showed there beliefs. I liked seeing the difference between each side and the writing on the wall. This fit into the museum about freedom, expression, and tough times like many of the photos did. The wall interested me and same with the story behind it. 

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