I used the Fire Escape photo by Stanley J. Foreman in 1976. As they were coming down from the fire escape, the ladder fell and the 19 year old kid died while the two year old kid lived. This is photo was very sad and felt to the heart. People around thought that they would be okay but they weren’t. I was drawn to the photo because the setting and scene of the photo was very capturing.

I also used the photo Camera Captures Horror by Charles Porter IV by 1995. The fireman holding the baby from the deadly terrorist attack. This photo is very sad and touching. The photo had very good lighting and it was a good photo.

If I was taking the photo, I don’t think I would be able to separate being a person and photographer during these times because it was very tragic and emotional. Most photographers had to separate their personal life and job during these attacks. For the ones who did a good job, their photos turned out well and really captured the moment and what was happening at that time.

My favorite photo was the FBI exhibit. I liked the artifacts and readings about the bombings and attacks. They were very interesting and caught my attention. I thought it stood out to me compared to all of the other exhibits. The FBI exhibit had many  different stories and attacks that were told in detail. For example, there was a story about how ISIS captured one of ours and held him hostage while torturing and eventually killed him. Therefore, the FBI exhibit was one of the best exhibits I saw at the Newseum. bye now.

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