Black Background!

This project we had  to take photos and adjust the settings (ISO and shutter speed) to make it look like there is no background or just in all black. As you can see, the background is all black and we used spotlights to show just the face in the picture. When editing the photos, I cropped out some of the background and adjusted the photo with the setting curves. I made the lighting change and adjusted the amount of light coming into the photo. It was challenging to take the photo and have the settings at the right spot. But once I got the settings right, it was easy to put the spotlight where it needed to be and take the correct photo.

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5 Shots!

During this assignment, we had to find two objects and one human being and take 5 pictures at 5 different angles. The biggest challenge during this project, was finding 5 different angles that weren’t too similar. I think taking pictures of the person was the hardest because she is taller than me so it was hard to get angles above. This project helped me to learn how to take photos of an object in different angles.

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For this assignment, we had to take a box of 24 crayons and find an object that matched the color of the crayon. I thought the color tan was the most challenging to find and overall finding most of the colors to match almost perfectly. I found taking the picture and the color black and white very easy to find and capture a picture.

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My logo

When I need photos for my classes, I usually look them up on Google or the Internet. I do not contact the owner because I do not know them and it doesn’t always say who the image is from. I do not always give credit because I don’t always know who it is. I would expect them to give me credit because I took the picture but I also don’t really care if I get credit or not. My logo is a camera with my initials in the lens, G for my first name, and S for my last name. I thought it was pretty easy to make my logo because I looked up pictures of cameras and made my own creation of one.