Light Graffiti!


For this project, we had to switch the camera to manual, ISO 100, and the shutter speed to about thirteen seconds. First, you have to turn all the lights out and the background needs to be dark. Make sure the settings are correct as the same ones as above. Next you need to have a light source. For example, we used a flashlight, Christmas lights, and any light available. Next, press the photo button and start to draw with the light facing the camera. Whenever the light is on, it will show up in the picture. You also need to light up the person who is in the photo if you want to see them. Taking the photo and drawing was easy but making sure there were no extra lines of light was difficult during some photos. It was very frustrating working with some people but at the end we did it! #goteam Next time when I do this project, I would use more lights and different colors to take this project to the next level.

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