Thankful for

I am thankful for my mom because she supply’s my needs like food, water, cloths, and a roof on our head. i’m also thankful for my little sister because she makes me happy


I’m thankful for my skateboarding because it makes me happy when i’m down and it teaches me patience, determination, and falling and getting back up to try again.

Last project

This semester was a very fun one. we were given easy and challenging projects like: 24 crayons, and black background ETC, all the way up to this project. This class changed the way i see photography. at first i just took pictures of interesting things, but now i look for stuff like rule of thirds or some action photos. my favorite project was the up close and the black background because i took really great pictures and they were challenging. for the up close we basically needed patience to find the right photo. for the black background we needed to keep adjusting the camera settings and keep messing around with the lighting so that the only thing that appears in the picture is what the light is shinning on. I think i will do photography as a side career or do it on my free time. i cant decide on my favorite photo so i will put 4 of my favorite photos.

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