Action Photos

For this project we had to take photos of people in motion. my favorite picture i took was a P.O.V of me skateboarding. I had my GoPro mounted on my helmet to get the shot i wanted.  I had a friend press the button to take a burst photo when he heard the pop of my board.(Phones can be used as a controller for a GoPro). some tips are, if you have the right lighting and make the shutter speed faster it will make the picture more clear. another tip is to tilt your camera upwards little bit. This will make it appear that if a person is jumping it will look higher than it actually was.



For this project we needed to take 2 pictures of Different people or strangers smiling and not smiling. the most difficult thing was asking people if they would allow me to take there picture and most refused. I thought some people were poor or very tired but when they smiled it was a completely different story that is how bias can affect a photographer on the way they see people before they know them. ilearned that the best thing to ask was. “May I take your picture for a project please, it wont be shown publicly.

Up close

For this project we used cameras on super macro to get up close to something but not zooming in. one of the challenges was finding Interesting things like insects. one struggle is if your camera has auto focus or auto super macro then sometimes it wont focus when you want it to. If i had the chance i would get an up close shot of a snake or a spider.