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Thankful Post

Thankful Post

I am thankful for my house. I am thankful for my house because it was a lot of memories were made and that’s where I stay warm. I am fortunate to have a shelter that I can come to when I get home everyday.

I am thankful for America. America is the place where I was born and raised in. The American flag represents my freedom.

I am thankful for school kinda. School is where i made a lot of my friends and I learn here. Sometimes school is very boring but it’s the place where I learn and excel.

I am thankful for books. Books represent education and learning for me. Which is an opportunity for the rest of my life and can get me ready for college and so on. 

I am thankful for my family. I’ve had many memories with them like vacations and celebrating holidays and things. They are very loving and I can ask them for anything.

I am thankful for nature because I like going outside and playing outside. Its also really cool to see all of the colors and weather outside.

I am thankful for many things in my life but these are the most important things to me.