Plane entering south tower

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This is the photo of the second plane hitting the world trade center. Fire explosions erupted. The photos was taken the second it went into the tower. This photo drew me because 911 was a very terrible day and I to see photos of that day. If  I was a photographer I would be speechless and sad. I couldn’t do anything to help them all I could do is watch the terror happen. Some rewards are getting the perfect photo and maybe even winning.


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This is a picture of a Filipino family grieving after the death of their dad. His daughter was crying. The president killed him because he thought he was a criminal but he was innocent. If I was that photographer I would be very sad. It is very depressing and I would remember it forever. I don’t think there are any rewards other than getting attention and maybe money.

This is the JFK exhibit. I really liked this because he was a very cool president and person. My favorite pieces were all of his photos. It fit in very well because they were in the media a lot.

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