Set in the Street

These past few weeks in class, we did a project call “Set in the Street”. This project was based off of an artist, who builds sets, and puts them on the streets of New York. This project required my class, and I, to build an actual set. Once this set was built, we put it in the atrium, and took pictures of us in it. To build the set, we had to make walls, get furniture, and anything else we needed to make a living room. Building the walls was a two to three day process. We had to build the frames, drywall, and paint. After the wall was built, and put together, we got furniture, and other decorations, from the teacher’s lounge. The difficult part about this project was building the walls. It was a very new experience to me, using tools, and doing construction. We used nails, hammers, drills, screws, saws, and a few other tools, to put together this wall. Once we were finished, we put it to public use at “Art’s Night”, where people could take pictures with it. The picture below shows my friends, and I, using the “living room” to create a scene, acting like it was a normal day. Throughout this project, I learned that building is fun!!