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Taking a photography class was an amazing experience!! My thoughts have definitely changed on photography. Although I was always interested in trying photography, the things I learned made me much more interested in the hobby. I have changed the way I take pictures because of the new rules I learned. I learned about the many techniques for taking better pictures such as the Rule of Thirds. These techniques have enhanced my photos greatly, making me enjoy taking them more. My favorite project was this project because I given a lot of freedom. I was able to take pictures however I wanted, and edit them to my satisfaction. Although I ave enjoyed photography this year, it does interest me as a career. I would rather do something more adventurous, or helpful, as a career. I don’t know if I will continue participating in the class, but if I have the opportunity I will, most likely.  I liked most of the pictures I took this year, but this one was my favorite..



This week in photography, my class and I did a project where we took two different pictures of the same person. The first picture was before we asked them to smile, and the second picture was after. Some of these pictures are of people that I didn’t know before this project. It was challenging to go up to these new people because I had no clue who they were. Sometimes people said no, when I asked to take their picture, and then I had to move on. The rest of the project was fairly simple. These pictures help me realize that you shouldn’t judge someone on the way they look, or on their first impression. I had to apply this while taking pictures of people. In the before pictures, the person looks less friendly, and less approachable.  But, in the after pictures the person looks like a very nice person. During this project, I learned that a smile can change your whole appearance for the better. 


This week, my class and I visited the Newseum. I visited many exhibits such as  an FBI exhibit, a news room, a Berlin Wall exhibit, and a 9/11 exhibit. We learned about many important events, and also saw some Pulitzer Prize winning photographs. These two photographs were the ones that stood out to me the most, telling a story as I looked at them.

This picture is called “World Trade Center Attack” and was taken in 2001, by Steve Ludlum.  The photograph shows a picture of the twin towers, as it it being attacked, in New York City. The pieces of the towers falling apart, the smoke, and the fire really makes it feel like you are here, during this tragic event. I believe the explosion in mid-action summarizes 9/11, and captures the horrible moment. This picture is reminder of this awful day, and makes me realize how depressing this event was.

This photograph also stood out to me, pointing out to me that this natural disaster actually happened, and affected people greatly. This picture is called “Hurricane Katrina” and was taken in 2005, by Smiley N. Pool, in New Orleans. In this photo, I see people on the roof of a building, after the building has been flooded. Hurricane Katrina caused over 1800 people to die, and this picture explains how in need people were. This photograph made me realize how lucky I am to be alive, and not being injured by natural disasters. There were not enough resources to rescue all of these suffering people, which is very sad. 

If I were these photographers, I would be struggling to not help these people during the events. The struggles of being a photojournalist are probably realizing that the picture you are taking are real life, and it is very depressing that these events are happening, right before your eyes.

My favorite exhibit, in the Newseum, was the Berlin Wall exhibit. The Berlin Wall was a wall to separate the East and West of Berlin, Germany. As you can see in the picture above, the side towards the back of the picture is the East side. The East side consisted of concentration camps and no freedom. The big tower you see was called the Death Tower, where people were shot, and killed. The side with all of the graffiti on it was the West side, where they had more freedom to do what they love. The art was a way of expressing themselves, and I found it very interesting. 

My visit at the Newseum was fun, and I recommend going there. I learned more about some important historical events, and I am happy I did.

Set in the Street

These past few weeks in class, we did a project call “Set in the Street”. This project was based off of an artist, who builds sets, and puts them on the streets of New York. This project required my class, and I, to build an actual set. Once this set was built, we put it in the atrium, and took pictures of us in it. To build the set, we had to make walls, get furniture, and anything else we needed to make a living room. Building the walls was a two to three day process. We had to build the frames, drywall, and paint. After the wall was built, and put together, we got furniture, and other decorations, from the teacher’s lounge. The difficult part about this project was building the walls. It was a very new experience to me, using tools, and doing construction. We used nails, hammers, drills, screws, saws, and a few other tools, to put together this wall. Once we were finished, we put it to public use at “Art’s Night”, where people could take pictures with it. The picture below shows my friends, and I, using the “living room” to create a scene, acting like it was a normal day. Throughout this project, I learned that building is fun!!

Things I am Thankful For

     My first photo is a picture of, most of, my friends. I am beyond grateful for these wonderful people. No matter what, when I am having trouble with something, at least one of these people will be there for me. My friends bring laughter, and happiness, into my life. I am so fortunate to have people like this in my life, and hope that I continue to have this bond with my friends.

     My second picture is a photo of my mom, with my cat. My mom does everything for me, and I know that I am so lucky to have someone like that in my life. My cat is always there for me to pet, hug, play with, and do whatever I want with him. I am so grateful for these two loved ones.

     My third picture is a picture of my dad, my other cat, and my brother. They always are a constant source of entertainment & care. Even though I get in fights with them sometimes, they are always there for me to have a good time with.

     My fourth picture is a picture of my camp friends, and I. Not only am I thankful for these people, I am thankful for the place that I go every summer with them. Laying under the tall green tree, and starlit night, I feel at home. My camp friends are always there for me, and I can always trust them, because I have created an everlasting friendship with all of them. The memories I have with them will last a lifetime.

     My fifth picture is a picture of my dance studio. I am very thankful for this place because I have met so many new people here, and created an amazing bond with a few instructors. My dance studio keeps me active, and helps me become a better dancer.

     My sixth, seventh, and eighth pictures are a picture of nature. I am very thankful for the environment in America, and all of the life around me. Animals, and nature, bring joy into my life, which I am thankful for. I am also thankful to have 2 beautiful places I can go to for a vacation. My grandparent’s houses in Long Beach Island, and Florida, are place where I can have a good time at the beach with all of my family.



Rule of Thirds

Throughout this past week, I was required to take pictures following the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is applied when lining up your subject on the guide lines and intersections. I did this by setting up a grid on my phone camera, in settings. The difficulties in this project were finding things to take pictures of inside, without people. I enjoyed taking pictures of the horizon, and outdoor landscapes. I took many pictures, applying the rule of thirds, but my favorite was this one…

In this picture, the bottom horizontal line lines up with the edge of the horizon (the top of the trees). This picture is my favorite because the sky is very bright, and vivid. To see more of my pictures go to…


Light Graffiti

This week in class, I had to create “Light Graffiti” by using different sources of light, and certain shutter speeds. During this project I set my shutter speed to at least 5 seconds, depending on the picture I wanted to take. Also, all of the lights had to be off, so no other light would interfere with the picture. I edited my photos on Adobe Photoshop, to darken the background, to get a photo I was satisfied with. A challenge in this project was trying to hide the people creating the light. The rest of the project was easy to learn, and apply to my photos. The picture below is my favorite picture…

Click the link below to see more of my photos!!


White Backgrounds

This week in class I had to take pictures, and edit them to create an infinite white background. I edited my pictures on Adobe Photoshop. While taking my pictures, I had to adjust the ISO and shutter speed to take a picture that I was satisfied with. I also had to make sure the camera was on manual settings. A challenge during this project was making sure there were no shadows in the photograph. Everything else about the project was easy to learn, and understand. Here are three of my favorite pictures, that I took and edited…

Click the link below to see more pictures I took and edited…


This is my favorite picture of myself. I edited the picture on Adobe Photoshop. My friend, Samantha Records, took this picture of me.

My Portraits

In class this week, I had to take a picture of someone with an infinite background and edit the photo. This is a picture I took of my friend, Reese, and it is one of my favorites. Throughout this project there were some challenges, such as finding good lighting and making sure the pictures were clear. I had to make the the ISO and shutter speed were at the correct setting. The easier things about this project was taking the picture and editing it. I edited my pictures using Adobe Photoshop.  Click here to look at some of the other pictures I took…


This is one of my favorite pictures of me. It was taken by Reese.

BeFunky Review

The online photo editing app I used was BeFunky. BeFunky is an online app that can add graphics, filters, special effects, textures, layers, and much more. This is my favorite online photo editing app because it allows me to add many special effects to my pictures. This app also lets me filter, and change the lighting/color, of my picture. If you would like to edit a photo on BeFunky go to https://www.befunky.com/create/

Here are two pictures I edited on BeFunky…