Things I am Thankful For

     My first photo is a picture of, most of, my friends. I am beyond grateful for these wonderful people. No matter what, when I am having trouble with something, at least one of these people will be there for me. My friends bring laughter, and happiness, into my life. I am so fortunate to have people like this in my life, and hope that I continue to have this bond with my friends.

     My second picture is a photo of my mom, with my cat. My mom does everything for me, and I know that I am so lucky to have someone like that in my life. My cat is always there for me to pet, hug, play with, and do whatever I want with him. I am so grateful for these two loved ones.

     My third picture is a picture of my dad, my other cat, and my brother. They always are a constant source of entertainment & care. Even though I get in fights with them sometimes, they are always there for me to have a good time with.

     My fourth picture is a picture of my camp friends, and I. Not only am I thankful for these people, I am thankful for the place that I go every summer with them. Laying under the tall green tree, and starlit night, I feel at home. My camp friends are always there for me, and I can always trust them, because I have created an everlasting friendship with all of them. The memories I have with them will last a lifetime.

     My fifth picture is a picture of my dance studio. I am very thankful for this place because I have met so many new people here, and created an amazing bond with a few instructors. My dance studio keeps me active, and helps me become a better dancer.

     My sixth, seventh, and eighth pictures are a picture of nature. I am very thankful for the environment in America, and all of the life around me. Animals, and nature, bring joy into my life, which I am thankful for. I am also thankful to have 2 beautiful places I can go to for a vacation. My grandparent’s houses in Long Beach Island, and Florida, are place where I can have a good time at the beach with all of my family.