Light Graffiti

In this project we were supposed to take pictures using light photography with our flashlights. A key part of this project was the ISO and shutter speed. The shutter speed allowed us to move the lights to make the shape we wanted, while all that was happening the camera was taking in all the light being flashed. The shutter speed was usually 15 seconds but  in some cases we shortened it. In some scenarios we would want our person to be seen, so we would  shine with the flashlight and other times we kept them dark. In the picture above, we lit the person in the middle after we made the wings, the blue line behind the wing is there because the person lighting them forgot to turn off  the light, but the final product was cool.

One of the challenges of this project was to make sure to have the right timing and not get the people behind the scenes in the background. This was my favorite project so far, because we had lots of freedom and creativity. Here is the link to the rest of my  photos.

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