This week in photography my class was required to take photos of people smiling vs a straight face. We took 30 photos of 15 people. First, I asked them to keep a straight face and then I politely asked them to smile. Some of these people I knew some of them were strangers that I had asked over winter break.  Some challenges of this project were asking people I didn’t know to smile, otherwise it was easy to take two simple pictures. I can tell why some people can view others a certain way before getting to meet them, because of their appearance. Some of the people In these slideshows have appearances that come off to be judgy, in a standoff way. Others continue to look happy even when they are not smiling. 

My job as a photographer is too come into taking pictures is to have a clear mind and not judge people by the way they look. Sometimes, you can see the story in people’s eyes, and others not so much. I learned a lot from this project and I enjoyed it. 

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