Over the whole semester I have gone from taking photos that looked like a three year old to being able to use the angles and filters to help my photos. I also used the rule of thirds to draw peoples attention and having the main focus of the picture  in a good lighting. In the beginning  of the semester I really liked photography but was unable to take good pictures on my phone. At the end of the semester I have learned how to take good photos on my phone and now extremely enjoy photography.  The way that I take pictures has changes dramatically thanks to this class. My favorite project was honestly this one because I was able to see the changes and advances I have made in photography since the beginning of this year. Photography interest me as a career so weather I’m going to Poolsville of Northwest I will definitely continue to learn about how to take better pictures and try to advance more in photography. I will put my favorite photo from this project down below. 

My photos in the album below go from bad to good in pairs. 


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