Thankful Post

In my first picture I have a collage of all of my teachers that I greatly  appreciate. I appreciate them all because they have made my year so far so much easier and some of them have helped my entire middle school experience.  Lots of them have also put a great effort into helping me and my grade. They have also helped and encouraged me to put a greater effort in to my Poolsville application.

My second picture is a picture of my family gathering around before Christmas last year and me, my sister and my mom going on a road trip last summer.  My family has helped me though out my life because the have encouraged me to be a better person. They have also helped me get through all the challenges that I have faced.

In my third picture I have a collage of some of the best places that I have ever been. One of them is my back yard that looks like a forest and is wonderful to walk through to collect your thoughts. The second place is a sun flower garden where some of the sunflowers were taller than me. The third photo is of my house before Halloween and it is my favorite one because I decorated it with my family.

my forth picture is a collage of my sister-in-laws and my aunts/uncles and cousins. The people in this picture are important to me because they are always around though my ups and downs. They also are always around and just want to have a good laugh with no seriousness in the air.

My fifth picture  is a picture of my siblings, out of all the people I consider to be my family/sibling these are only a few of them. I hold these people close to my heart because no matter what I know I can count on them when I’m feeling down to cheer me up of when there is no one  else to talk to they will be there. I also know that these people will be there no matter what even if they aren’t  actually here.

In mt sixth photo I have pictures of places at school. I have these because they remind me that even if school ism’t my favorite place it still isn’t the worst. They also show me that although people can be mean there are also supper excepting people that will always the there for you.

In my seventh picture I have a picture of my friends. They are also pep;e that I consider to be my family. I know that they will always be there for me because even if we only have known each other for a little while they have already been there through thick and thin with me and I hope I will be able to do the same for me.

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