This photo is a picture of the World Trade Center Attack. This photo was added ion 2002 and was taken by Stave Ludlum.  This photo is a very emotional photo because it’s the day that thousands of people died. This picture shows when the first trade center was hit. This photo makes me sad and angry at the same time because thousands of people died and were taken away from their family’s. I’m angry because people purposely did this and took these people away from their family’s. What drew me to this photo was the fact that someone stood there long enough to actually get that photo.

This photo is titled Boston bombing Survivor. It was awarded and added to the Pulitzer prize gallery in 2014 and was taken by Josh Haner. This photo holds a lot of emotion because thousands of people were killed and if they were not killed but injured they were traumatized for life and had to live with the scars this event caused. This photo drew my attention because someone captured the pain, frustration, and tiredness that they are going through to recover from this event. 

Honestly I don’t think I would be able to do this and separate myself from whats happening to take this photo.  There are many struggles of begin a photojournalist because you have to separate yourself from the event to capture the moment and I don’t think I would be able to do.

The second Exhibit I did was The 9/11 gallery and film. This attack was fetal to hundreds of millions op people and the survivors were servile traumatized.  The comments were flooding is as soon as the attack happened because of how scurvier it was. The building after the attack was crumbled and unrecognizable and servile damaged the surrounding area too.  My favorite part of the exhibit was the  wall with all of the quotes ts on it. This exhibit fit into the museum because the museum showed both fetal and happy events and aloud people to understand the past better. 

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