Rule Of Thirds

My favorite photo is a picture that I took of trees that looked as if they were in a straight line. My other favorite photo is a picture of Bebe one of my classmates jumping. What worked is positioning my camera or phone in a straight direction. Also trying to make the photo interesting like when my class had to edit a photo to make you look on direction then the other. Also using the graph or “lines” on my iPhone camera. What didn’t work was when I took pictures on my camera because I didn’t have a manual mode so the graph or “lines” weren’t there so I had to guess where the lines would be. The graph lines were to help me with the rule of thirds project. Its called the rule of thirds because they are 3 rows of 3 large boxes which make 9 boxes in total. The graph is to help you make the picture more dramatic and make you focus on a certain things. In conclusion, this project has taught me a new technique called the rule of thirds. You can find the rest of my pictures here.

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