24 Colors

For my first 1st project I had to take 24 pictures of 24 colors in a box of crayons.I went around my neighborhood and my school to find colors that matched colors in my box of crayons. What I have learned from this project is I am starting to notice the colors around me a lot more than a couple of weeks ago.Also One challenge was finding the different shades of colors.Colors like the lighter blues and the darker ones and the darker purples,reds,oranges and the lighter ones.Also making the crayon stay still was very difficult.I tried to not to use tape as much as possible because sometimes if you take a picture it shows a glare.What I found the easiest about this project was finding more of the brighter colors also taking the picture on an actual camera and making the angles right and the lighting to.You can find the rest of my photos here.   

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