Light Graffiti

My group took our pictures in our school’s main gym. Turned off all the lights so it would be pitch black so the camera could take in as much light from our flashlights as possible. On the camera’s setting, we had to leave the shutter open for as long as possible. We also had to put the ISO on the lowest setting it could go to make the background dark as possible. We used IPhone flashlights, glow sticks, colored lights, colored picture from google. First we figured out what we were going to be drawing also the pose of the person. Secondly was taking and drawing the actual picture and creating an image. What worked for my group was having multiple people drawing behind the person. Also pointing the flashlight right at the camera not away from it. What didn’t really work was it was very difficult to think of a design and try being creative and different from others. The frustrating part of this project was not having enough time to get more designs as we wanted to. Also the time limit on the camera. I could have done this after school and done a bigger picture with my own camera. Also, you could have made a little movie. In conclusion, I have learned some cool things during this project. You can find the rest of my photos here.

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