Ebola Ravages West Africa, 2015, Daniel Berehulak

This picture is two in a protection suit carrying a young boy with Ebola.

My overall impression of this picture is this is very depressing and sad. Its sad to believe that anyone can be infected with Ebola.  What drew me to the picture was the boy. I just immediately felt bad for the boy. I was just really surprised that anyone of age and anyone so innocent can get effected.


Brutality in Bangkok, 1977, Neal Ulevich

This picture is of a boy hanging form a tree, and another boy has a chair and is hitting they boy hanging from the tree.

My overall impressions was What is making the boy hit the other boy? Was this just another form of bullying. What drew me to this photo was the boy hanging from the try. I was really confused on why someone would do this to someone. Also what drew me to the picture is everyone around the two boys are just standing there and not doing anything.

If I were taking the image, I would not be able to separate my job fro being a human.  I would just be the one trying to stop what is going on and help the people or in the 9/11 case run for my life. Some struggles of being a photo journalist is having to deal with the hate comments that you are most likely going to get because you stood there and took the picture instead of helping them. Another struggle is having that image in your head for the rest of your life. You saw the whole seen in person and know a lot more then what the picture can say. Some rewards of this job is being able to go to famous historical events. Such as the Olympics or cool concerts and sporting events. Other awards you can get are actually awards. You have a chance to get the best picture award or other awards.

2nd exhibit

Civil rights at 50

My Favorited artifact they had in the exhibit was the bar they had. I thought it was neat to have the old bar the black people use to have to go to. It fit into the overall Newseum because I believe Segregation was a important part of history and should be remembered. The segregation allows many people to come learn about all the rules for blacks and whites and where what color was welcome. In the exhibit something that I thought was really interesting was the black college students and how they launched their own protest. If you were to go to the Newsuem I recommend stopping by the Civil Rights at 50 exhibit.


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