7 Days


The first picture is a picture of my family.  I am thankful for my family because they have taught me so much and life and has always been there for me in every possible way. They have motivated me and always helped led me to the best path for me. They have done everything they can and taught me everything I need to know in life and continue to help teach me. They are always there to encourage my studies, sports and other activities I participate in.



The second photo is a picture of my uncle ( he is on the right). I am thankful for my uncle because he was always there for me and always found ways to make me laugh and smile. He was so kind and sweet, he always joked around with us and cracked jokes every chance he got. He would always try and turn a bad situation into a happy one. I always use to love driving up to his house on Friday to spend the weekend. The weekend would always consist of fun all day every day. My uncle always supported me and encouraged me.

The third photo is a picture of my dog. I am thankful for my dog Kody because he always gives me company when I am home alone. He also keeps me entertained when there is nothing to do. My dog is always by my heal and always makes me laugh with the silly things he does. My dog always keeps me smiling even when life is rough.

The fourth picture is a picture of deep creek. Deep Creek s a place where I have spent most of my summers. At the deep creek, I have created so many memories, from fishing, swimming, skiing, tubing, water skiing and much more. Deep Creek has allowed me to create and experience the amazing parts of nature and allow me to have an amazing fun time.

The fifth picture is a picture of my best friend. My best friend is my neighbor but does not go to the same school as me. Although during school we have not seen each other a lot we had made many memories and had lots of adventures. Throughout life, we hope to continue to make more memories and go on many adventures.

The sixth picture is a picture of my brother. I am thankful for my brother because he has taught me some much in life. He has gotten me more interested in sports and has taught me how to play them. He has encouraged me to be me and he always makes me laugh at him and with him.

The seventh picture is of the Washington Capitals. I am thankful for the Washington Capitals because they are an exciting team to watch on the ice and always are trying to bring home there first Stanley Cup. Also, they make most of my nights eventful allowing me to sit around and watch the Capitals win. LET’S GO CAPS C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!



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