Last Project!

This whole semester has been very interesting. I have been able to grow as a photographer and enjoyed taking photos I never knew I could take. Overall this semester was very exciting and fun to take photos to make them look more artsy.  My thoughts have changed about photography. In the beginning of this class I kind of thought this would be easy and simple and anyone can take these pictures. Though I was wrong photographers take lots of time setting up the subject and getting good lighting and angles. My thoughts on photography  now more amazed and realize all the effort that goes into taking one single picture. I have changed the way I take photos. Instead of taking a photo with just one snap. I try to add the rule of thirds or get angles where you can see things from a different perceptive.  My favorite project was the Smile. I liked seeing the difference that you could see in a person with one quick expression change.  Photography interest me s a career. I think it would be a cool side job to make money but also to do photograph’s for people. I would like to continue learning photography in high school because then I would be able to continue to grow my knowledge of taking pictures.



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