Rule Of Thirds

This week we have been required to take photos using the rule of thirds method. The rule of thirds method is when you have a grid of 3 by 3 and you line up a subject near the lines or at intercepts where the lines would meet. This helped because the natural eye would move to that point usually. You could have also You could also have two-thirds of the picture one scene and the third something else.  For example, two thirds could be the sky and one third could be the ground.   What worked was having the grid on. This made it easier to line the people up exactly. What didn’t work was not having the grid. Without the grid, it was much harder to have the thirds line up well and it just seemed to be a normal photo. One thought I had on the rule of thirds is it seemed really easy and simple. Though now as I look back it was more complex then I thought it would be.



For this photo, I used the line method. I lined the light pole up with the verticle 1/3 line to the left.


This photo. I used the line method as well. I lined the Briana with the verticle right 1/3 line.


More photos I took with the rule of thirds are in the link below.

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