Black Background


For this project, we posed in front of a backdrop with the lights off. One person in the group adjusted the camera, to make the  For this project, we turned off the lights in the room so it would be pitch dark. Then we would have one person in the group work with the light. They would have to find the right angle so the light would only hit the persons face. This way the background would seem darker. We also had someone taking the picture.  The camera person had to adjust the ISO which controlled the amount of light being let in and they had to adjust the shutter which was to see how fast the photo was to be taken. Then in Photoshop, we were to edit the color to make sure there are no shadows that you can see and we were able to turn the picture black or white or keep it colored. One thing that didn’t work was being to close to the wall if we were then we could see shadows. One thing that did work was holding the camera close to the person. This worked because it got rid of the shadows and the picture came out a lot brighter.


Photo credits go to Briana Niles


The link below has other pictures my group took. 

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