Light Graffiti

This project was probably the most fun so far this year and the hardest too. It was fun because we could be creative in the light painting. To get the picture the way it is we had someone with Christmas lights throwing them up and down so you see the light streak. This worked because the shutter speed was at 15 seconds so that the light travels around. We had to move quickly too so the camera didn’t pick us up. It didn’t work when you moved slowly and then there was just random white lights. It was a lot of trial and error as it took 4 days to get 5 good photo’s. To take this project to the next level I think if we used mirrors or water in a cool way to make reflections. Also because so many people were doing this project at the same time there was a lot of light coming into the camera so it was hard. Because of that if we were in a bigger space it would be easier.

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