In this project we took 2 pictures, one bad/basic one and the other a good “pro” picture. This project is supposed to show what we learned during this semester.  My favorite project that we did this semester was the ” light graffiti” project. I liked it because, I liked playing around with lights to draw pictures. In this class  learned how to make pictures look  better using things like ISO, camera angle, etc. This was the best class of the two quarters that I’ve been in 8th grade. I still think photography is super fun and a great hobby that I enjoy. I didn’t change the way I take pictures because I already knew most of the rules. I might do photography as a side job but it’ll probably be just a hobby. I will take photography in high school if it fits in my very busy schedule.

My favorite picture from this semester:


Check out my pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hi2Y3E6GflcL1tLy1