In this project we took 2 pictures, one bad/basic one and the other a good “pro” picture. This project is supposed to show what we learned during this semester.  My favorite project that we did this semester was the ” light graffiti” project. I liked it because, I liked playing around with lights to draw pictures. In this class  learned how to make pictures look  better using things like ISO, camera angle, etc. This was the best class of the two quarters that I’ve been in 8th grade. I still think photography is super fun and a great hobby that I enjoy. I didn’t change the way I take pictures because I already knew most of the rules. I might do photography as a side job but it’ll probably be just a hobby. I will take photography in high school if it fits in my very busy schedule.

My favorite picture from this semester:


Check out my pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hi2Y3E6GflcL1tLy1



The project “So I Asked Them To Smile” is about showing personality. People don’t walk around smiling all the time. Some people look very scary while walking down the street. I wanted to show people that not everyone who isn’t smiling should be avoided. I asked people to smile to show that those people are actually very friendly. It was easy to take pictures because there was a lot of people. It was hard to find good lighting to get the best picture. When I saw the difference between the person smiling and not smiling I felt more comfortable around them when they smiled. 


In photography we went to the Newseum. We roamed around and looked at different pictures and exhibits. I think the best exhibit was the ” Pulitzer Prize” exhibit. One of the pictures was called “Struggling Girl”. 

This photo shows a starving girl, crawling to a United Nation food camp. The vulture is sitting there waiting/watching the child as she’s dying, so that as soon as she dies it could eat her.  The photographer, Kevin Carter, committed suicide 3 months after taking this picture because he was so sad and tired of seeing these horrible sights. I was very, very sad when I saw this picture because it made me think of all the starving people in the world. I don’t know why this picture pulled me in, it just has the affect on people, that makes them want to help.

The next picture that I liked is called “Reunion.” It shows a refugee, Agim Shala, 2, being passed through the barbed wire fence into the hands of grandparents at the camp run by United Arab Emirates in Kukes, Albania. This picture made me happy and sad because I was happy that the child was saved but I’m sad for all the people that wouldn’t be able to fit through the fence. It drew me in because the baby’s coat is a bright blue and my eyes just went to the picture as I was walking by. 

I probably wouldn’t be able to take the picture because I’d have a crazy urge to help. Maybe if it wasn’t too severe, like the “Reunion” picture but if it was someone dying, I would help. The only reward you would get from taking a picture is money, if you helped someone the reward is saving someones life. Which in my opinion, saving someone’s life is a better reward than money. It’s hard to be a photographer because you have to chose between helping someone and taking the picture. 

These pictures show DC. We went to the balcony and looked over DC.  I liked it because I like heights and I like down and seeing everything smaller. My favorite part are the little statues on buildings and on the sidewalks. This fits the museum because it’s literally where the museum is and these pictures show everything around the museum and the view from the balcony. 

Set In The Street

In this project we built a set and used furniture to make a “basic living room”. We took 4 feet wide by 9 feet tall “walls” and put them together to make a big living room wall.But before we could do that we had to nail the dry wall onto the boards. We covered it in grey paint and hung up a picture of the school. We put the set in the middle of a hallway at our school and put couches, chairs and bookshelves in the set. Then we sat in random positions pretending we were home. Some pictures are just of the set and the others are showing what’s in the background (people talking or walking). It was really easy to find furniture and take pictures. But it was pretty hard to nail the dry wall to the boards and make sure everything is lined up correctly.  I’ve built a wall before, so there was nothing new for me to experience. 

7 Days

I’m thankful for my cats because they are always really soft and comfrotable to sleep on. Also, they are the only reason I wake up in the morning. 

I’m thankful for my guitar because I love to play guitar. Playing guitar helps me think.

I’m thankful for my dad for taking me around the world and always being there for me. We love to travel!

I’m thankful for my mom because she’s amazing and kind. I love her so much and she’s the best mom ever! I’m thankful for my siblings because they keep me on edge and always love running around with me.

I’m thankful for art and painting because it’s really fun. I can sit for hours and paint. It helps me forgot about my problems.

I’m thankful for my brother Alex. He’s not my actual brother but I’ve known him forever and he’s super fun to hang out with.  He’s crazy and we always get in trouble. 

I’m thankful for Isabella and Srilekha because they are my best friends and they bring out the crazy side of me.


Rule of Thirds

During this project we had to take pictures using grids, so that we follow the Rule of Third. It was hard to find cool/good “landscapes” at school to take pictures of. It was easy to find things to take pictures of outside. At first I thought that the “Rule of Thirds” was very difficult but now I’ve gotten used to it and I will use it in the future when taking pictures. The definition of “Rule of Thirds” is when you align a subject with the lines and their intersection points.




Light Graffiti

During this project we needed to use lights to make light graffiti. The shutter was opened for 15 seconds so that we could make the drawings with the lights. It was hard to make our drawings because we only had 15 seconds to make them. It was easy to come up with ideas and work with my classmates to make our ideas come to life. It was very frustrating to make really good pictures because my group’s “ghost”  were in the picture all the time and we didn’t have enough time to draw creative ideas in only 15 seconds. If we had more time we could make cool creatures and landscapes.


White Portraits

This project was very similar to the last one. Except in this one we had to have a pure white background instead of black. To do that we had to have more light going into the camera which we did using Shutter speed. We had “models” stand in front of white sheets of paper and toke random pictures of them. We used ISO and Manuel to make each picture look different and unique. It was easy to find friends to take cool/silly pictures with. It was also very easy to edit the pictures using Adobe Photoshop. It was difficult to have a white background without shadows because we don’t have a professional studio or professional lights.














We messed around with the ISO and Shutter Speed to make sure it absorbed enough light so the background was black but the person in the picture could still be seen. What worked was things like Threshold, Vibrance and Curves in Photoshop to make the pictures look like comics or have very exaggerated black and white lines. What didn’t work was that, it was hard to find people and time to take the pictures.



App Review


Snapchat is a very popular app that many teenagers use. On Snapchat you can take pictures using crazy filters that recognize a human face and then add crazy things like dog ears, stars, hearts, etc. You can also talk to your friends and send them the weird pictures. In Snapchat the conversations are deleted after they are seen unless you or your friend saves them, which if I’m being honest, is pretty useful. I like this app because I can take funny pictures and I can talk to my friends.