Set In The Street

In this project we built a set and used furniture to make a “basic living room”. We took 4 feet wide by 9 feet tall “walls” and put them together to make a big living room wall.But before we could do that we had to nail the dry wall onto the boards. We covered it in grey paint and hung up a picture of the school. We put the set in the middle of a hallway at our school and put couches, chairs and bookshelves in the set. Then we sat in random positions pretending we were home. Some pictures are just of the set and the others are showing what’s in the background (people talking or walking). It was really easy to find furniture and take pictures. But it was pretty hard to nail the dry wall to the boards and make sure everything is lined up correctly.  I’ve built a wall before, so there was nothing new for me to experience. 

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