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This past week in class we were assigned an assignment called Smile. For this project we were told to go around during Winter Break and take 15 pictures of people smiling and then 15 more of those same people not smiling. The point of this project was to see how your opinion changes of someone when they smile verse when their not smiling. Overall, on some of the pictures that I took, my opinion on the person did change but, on most of the pictures my opinion didn’t change because the people looked the same in both pictures. For example, in the picture on the left, this lady doesn’t look like the person that I would want to approach and start a conversation with because she has a straight face on and it’s not the most inviting face. However, in the picture on the right, I would gladly walk up to this person and start a conversation with her. This is because her smile looks very welcoming and she looks very bright which makes you think that she will be happy to talk to you. If you click the link at the top of the screen you can see all the pictures I took. And on some of those people I was a little nervous to approach because they didn’t look very inviting. But, they turned out to be super nice. Overall, on this project I learned that you shouldn’t judge someone based on how they look at first glance, you should get to know them so that you know the real them. 

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