Final Post

Overall, I liked this photography class. We got to explore many different types of photography and we learned stuff that we didn’t know. I enjoyed this class because I got new learn new skills in photography and I got to take many pictures of different things. During this class, I have also improved in my photography skills as you can tell from this last project. My thought have changed some about photography. This is because i now know that what you see in a picture isn’t always everything that is happening. For example, in this class we did the project called set in the street. And if you just saw the second picture, you would have had no idea that the picture was taken in a school. I definitely have changed the way I take my pictures. For example, I now try to think about rule of thirds and all the camera settings when i’m taking a photo. I also try to take the picture from a unique angle. My favorite project was probably the smile project. This is because for some of the people that I took pictures of, I was a little nervous to go and ask them if I could take a picture of them. But, once they smiled I was glad I had asked because that person ended up being super friendly. However, I don’t think I would want to have photography as my career. I will probably also not take a class in high school because I don’t see it as something that I want to do when i’m older. 




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