This is a photo of a Boston bombing survivor lying in his hospital bed. He lost his legs in the bombing. This picture was taken by Josh Haner in 2017 and it’s a Pulitzer prize photo. I was drawn to this picture because it stood out to me because he was missing his legs. This picture makes me realize how lucky I am and it makes me fell sad that he lost his legs for no good reason.

This photo is called Hurricane Katrina and it was taken in 2005 by Smiley N. Pool. This is a picture of people on a street trying to get people to notice them, so they can get help. They needed people to help them because the water from the hurricane was rising and if they didn’t get help soon, they may die. I was drawn to this photo because I saw the words, “help” and “the water is rising.” After seeing these words I wanted to know what it was about and it made me feel very sad that no one was helping them and no one is bringing them to safety. 

If I were taking these photos, I don’t think I would be able to separate my job from being human. I think this because if I saw someone in need I would want to help them otherwise I would regret it later, even if it meant losing my job. I think some struggles of being a photojournalist would be that you have to just stand by and take pictures instead of going to help the person in need. The only benefit might be that you have a good picture.


This is a picture from the 9/11 exhibit. This exhibit fit in with the rest of the Newsuem because it is something that happened in the past and it was a tragedy. The picture below is a picture of just a fraction of all the newspaper on the wall. The newspapers were all about 9/11 but from different cities perspectives. This was one of my favorite things in the exhibit but, my other favorite was a photographers possessions that died while taking pictures of the attack. I liked it because it taught me more about 9/11 so, now I know more about what happened.


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