Set in the Street

This past week in class we were doing a project called Set in the Street. This project was very fun to do but required tons of work. Set in the Street is basically a project where you build a wall and decorate in front of the wall to make it look like the inside of a house. You are supposed to do this in a random area and take a picture with a normal background still in it. Then, you are supposed to crop out the background so it looks like the picture was taken in an actual house. The first step was to build a wall. This required a lot of work because we had to get pieces of wood and hammer then together to create a 4×8 base. We then took drywall and placed it onto the base. We drilled it into the base so that it would stay in place and then we were done. We then painted the wall so it looked like an actual house. Finally, the last step was to drill and hammer nails and screws into all three wall that we made in order to make one big 12×8 wall.After we built the wall, we had to get furniture to put inside our “house.” So, we went up to the teacher’s lounge and got couches, chairs, tables, and bookcases. They were very heavy but, we brought them downstairs and put them in place. We then put the wall up by making wooden supports to hold up the wall. The last step was to put a few pictures up on the wall which me made by getting a picture frame and putting a picture of our school inside it and add a deck of cards and we were done! During this project I struggled with drilling the screws into the wood because I’ve never done it before. But, I found painting it very easy because that is something that I have done before.                  


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