White photo project



In class this week we have been working on a project. In this project we were told to take pictures on white backgrounds. While taking the pictures we had to shine 2-3 lights on the background to make it an actual white background instead of white or yellow.  We also had to adjust the ISO, F-stop, and shutter speed in order to take this kind of picture. After taking the pictures we were told to download them onto our computers from google drive. We then were told to use the editing software Adobe Photoshop. On Adobe Photoshop we had to make the photo black and white so we lowered the saturation down to -100. After that we adjusted the picture to our liking using curves which is a way to change the lighting on Adobe Photoshop. The final step was to add our logo so that no one steals our pictures. We then uploaded it to google photos. During the process of taking photos I figured out that you need to have a ton of light on the background to make sure it’s white and not yellow or gray.

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