Light Graffiti

link to photos:

This week in class we are working on a project called light graffiti. To complete this project we were told to first take a camera and change the shutter speed to a longer time. We choose to do 15 seconds so we had enough time to complete the entire picture. During this project, we got many lights to shine on the people and the camera. When you shine a light on a person it makes them light up and when you shine it at the camera it causes whatever lines that you drew to show up. This only happens because the shutter speed is at a pretty high number. After we took all of our pictures we edited them on Adobe Photoshop and then uploaded them to google photos in order to share our pictures with our entire class. During this project, I found it hard to make sure that the person stood still so it wasn’t blurry and that there was no glare on someone’s face. However it was easy to change the shutter speed in order to take a good picture.

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