Infinite backgrounds

In class this week we have been working on a project. In this project we were told to take a picture on a black background. While taking a picture we had to shine a light on the person’s face to create a shadow. We also had to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and F-stop in order to take this kind of picture. After taking the pictures, we were told to go onto the editing software Adobe Photoshop. On Adobe Photoshop we lowered the saturation down to¬† -100 so the picture would be black and white. After that we adjusted the picture to make the lighting just how we wanted it. Then the final steps were to add our logo and upload it to google photos. During the process of taking pictures I figured out that it didn’t work to be in a lighted room, and that you needed to be in a dark room. I also figured out that you need to try to shine a light in different places each time until you find the best spot for that person.


This picture of me was taken by Jillian and edited by Mia.


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