Set In The Street.

In the past few weeks we did a project called set in the street. Where we had to build a living room. First we had to build the walls, we used pieces of wood and made the base was 4 foot by 8 foot there were 3 bases. We had to nail all of the pieces together. Then we took drywall and we screwed it into it, while making many holes in the drywall. Then, we patched those holes up with some drywall paint. After that we sanded all of the drywall paint so it would be smooth. Then, we painted the wall so it would look like a wall in a living room. Then we had to put the whole thing together. So, we screwed the things together and then tightened it with a bolt and screw that we wrenched in. Finally we added a bookcase full of books, a couch, a couch chair and some little square tables with a deck of cards on top of it. Then, you put a camera in front and let the magic happen.

Here are some construction pictures  :

Here are some set pictures: