This year in photography was a really fun one. My thoughts about taking photos have changed because before I would before just take regular photos but know I know how to take photos at different angles and put it on the rule of thirds. My thoughts about photography have changed because now i now that photograph can mean more than just a picture it has a story as its background and can provide stereotypes.  MY favorite project was the set in the street because it was really hands on and I did a lot. I don’t know if it is a career for me but I will probably continue it in high school because it is a creative thing to do. 


My album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wxCX4XAdARoWYLYy1


This project was about taking two different pictures of people one smiling and one not to challenge the stereotypes that comes with it. It was kind of weird to go up to people and just like question them if i could take there people. Some people said no probably because they thought I was creepy. It got better when they smiled because I felt more comfortable being around them and thee tension was lifted. These are all of my photos in a slide show…


Some people totally changed. 


At the Newseum there were many interesting things but on thing there was, was the Pulitzer prize photos. One of them was,

The Philippine drug war by Daniel Berehalak, This photo is about the president of the Philippines promised to kill 100,000 criminals that were related to the drug war but, most were innocent. This picture shows an  innocent father that was killed being surrounded by a crying family and his very sad daughter. This photo made me feel very sad that there are corrupt country’s like this that have real problems and innocent people are being slaughtered.

The next photo i choose is called Historic campaign by Damon winter. This photo shows Barack Obama in his first campaign for president on a rainy day looking out into the crowd of people waiting for him to address them. This picture made me feel lots of pride because it was the beginning of something historic and a great 8 year run as president of the untied states of america .


One exhibit i really liked was the FBI exhibit. In the FBI exhibit they had lots of cool artifacts. They had the SUV from the times square bomber in 2010. Also, they had the Unabombers cabin from Montana. They had the shoe from the shoe bomber. They also had the explaining of how media can effect FBI searches. They also had a copy of the Magazine that was falsely accusing people of the Boston Bombing. I thought it was cool but kind of creepy to know that they still have all of the artifacts intact from the events. 

Set In The Street.

In the past few weeks we did a project called set in the street. Where we had to build a living room. First we had to build the walls, we used pieces of wood and made the base was 4 foot by 8 foot there were 3 bases. We had to nail all of the pieces together. Then we took drywall and we screwed it into it, while making many holes in the drywall. Then, we patched those holes up with some drywall paint. After that we sanded all of the drywall paint so it would be smooth. Then, we painted the wall so it would look like a wall in a living room. Then we had to put the whole thing together. So, we screwed the things together and then tightened it with a bolt and screw that we wrenched in. Finally we added a bookcase full of books, a couch, a couch chair and some little square tables with a deck of cards on top of it. Then, you put a camera in front and let the magic happen.

Here are some construction pictures  :

Here are some set pictures: 




7 Pictures I am Thankful For

I am thankful for my school. They teach me life lessons and help me grow and learn. I could not be as smart as i am now without school.

I am thankful for my house. It keeps me warm and helps me go to sleep at night. I am able to be safe when bad weather happens with my family.

I am thankful for food. It gives me energy and keeps me happy when I get sad. It also keeps me in shape and so I do not go to bed hungry.

I am thankful for America. Where we can make out own decisions. We are not ruled by one individual and we can make are own choices and decisions.

I am thankful for the capitals. Even thought they lose a lot they bring me joy when they win. I am happy when they win and they can give a distraction from life.

I am Thankful for My friends. They are cool and they are funny and they keep me company. I have lots of fun with them so I am not bored.

I am thankful for my family. They give me support and gives me positive vibes. They help me become a better person and understand life lessons.


Rule Of Thirds Pictures

This Project was too take pictures on the Thirds in a grid. We turned the thirds Grid on our phones. We tried to get the main focus of the picture on the third to grab the lookers attention. You had to put the lost interesting part of the photo on the line. Also, when taking a scenery picture you would put the more desirable one in two thirds and the less one in the three thirds.  It was hard to get a moving person in frame. Also, you had to keep your hands really still so you could capture the picture in its full beauty. It worked to put something that already stood out in regular life but if you put it in the thirds it would stand out more.



Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fN5cv3BTpWSCx14U2

Light Grafiti

The project this was a part of was was Light Graffiti. It was a very cool Project. You had to put the shutter speed on 15 seconds so you could light up the scene and then you put your Flashlight towards the camera to make cool light designs to make the picture cool. It was hard to create a cool design done without going crazy and ruining the picture. Also,it was easier to already have someone in position to light the picture. Also, it was Frustrating because you could not know what you were painting in the air. I think we could do it out side where it is dark and get more cool lights.

Album Link :https://photos.app.goo.gl/H9hjWeyNqq73Ns8K2


White Background

Album Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4TsTOlDKp1ws2vo83

This project challenged us to make a picture with practically no background involved in the picture.  I had to take lights and attach them to seats and put them at a background so that the background was so white it was clear. What didn’t work id that when you had to little light the background wouldn’t turn out white.  Also, with the curves you had to make lots of changes to him to make it look like that. It was challenging but fun at the same time. What was easy is that you could put the chairs really close to the picture and then you could Photoshop it out later. Finally, you had to be creative with the curves which was kind of hard to do because you could only make certain colors.

Here is a picture of me by Carter Taggert

Black Portraits

The process to get this photo was not super hard. You had to change the camera settings to make sure you only got a specific amount of light. Some camera settings were shutter speed, that helps you get rid of light in the pictures to make it look cooler, that one helped a lot.  Then, put the extra light somewhere to create a cool shadow effect. Some things that worked it that to put the light close to the picture and then Photoshop it out later on. Some things that didn’t work is when you were too close to the camera so then you had a shadow on the wall.

This is a photo of me taken By Jake Friedman

Here is the link to my album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CwTlaQpSkleH9rCj2

Ryan’s App Review

The app I am reviewing is snap chat. Snap chat is a social media site mixed with a communication site. In snap chat you can take pictures and send them to your friends with text and you can add filter to your pictures an videos. I like the app because it is easy to communicate with your friends with your story. Also, it is quick and easy to learn for people that are new to it.


The other app review I did was Fotor. Fotor is an online photo app editor that you can do lots of things do. you can change the color and put b products on weird things. Also, you can do a weight watchers type thing on the pictures. I turned a fat dog into a small blueish dog.



I liked the app because you could turn things into totally different things.