At the Newseum there were many interesting things but on thing there was, was the Pulitzer prize photos. One of them was,

The Philippine drug war by Daniel Berehalak, This photo is about the president of the Philippines promised to kill 100,000 criminals that were related to the drug war but, most were innocent. This picture shows an  innocent father that was killed being surrounded by a crying family and his very sad daughter. This photo made me feel very sad that there are corrupt country’s like this that have real problems and innocent people are being slaughtered.

The next photo i choose is called Historic campaign by Damon winter. This photo shows Barack Obama in his first campaign for president on a rainy day looking out into the crowd of people waiting for him to address them. This picture made me feel lots of pride because it was the beginning of something historic and a great 8 year run as president of the untied states of america .


One exhibit i really liked was the FBI exhibit. In the FBI exhibit they had lots of cool artifacts. They had the SUV from the times square bomber in 2010. Also, they had the Unabombers cabin from Montana. They had the shoe from the shoe bomber. They also had the explaining of how media can effect FBI searches. They also had a copy of the Magazine that was falsely accusing people of the Boston Bombing. I thought it was cool but kind of creepy to know that they still have all of the artifacts intact from the events.