Light Graffiti

Our goal for this project was to take pictures that achieved a “light graffiti” effect. We would do this by setting the shutter speed to 15 seconds so that the lens would absorb enough light that we were flashing from our phones, Christmas lights, and/or glow sticks. Throughout the project, our group had to overcome some obstacles. For example, whenever we set the shutter speed too low, we wouldn’t have enough time to paint. Whenever we set it too high, an excessive amount of light would hit the sensor. Other times, we just needed to redo the process because we needed more practice to “paint” the subject. Also, the subject would have to stay completely still. Even the slightest movement from the person or camera would cause the picture to appear blurry! However, something that worked was editing them on Adobe Photoshop. It was easy to enhance our photos using curves and other effects.

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