Set in the Street

Throughout the past few weeks, we worked together as a class on a project called “Set in the Street”. Inspired by photographer Justin Bettman based in New York City, the challenging yet fun task was a great learning experience. First, each of the three groups was required to cut the wood into pieces that measured 4 by 8 feet. We took turns nailing the beams of wood together in order to form the base. Next, we laid the drywall on top, attaching it by tightly screwing it into the frame with a drill. After that, we used drywall mud to conceal any unnecessary holes that were visible. Once it dried overnight, we used sandpaper to finely smooth the surface. This ensured that it wouldn’t be seen after we painted. Then, we painted two coats of gray paint onto the walls and allowed it to dry off. Next, we brought the three walls to the main lobby so that we can connect them. Finally, we brought couches, a bookshelf, and other props from the teachers’ lounge to make it look like a basic living room. As part of the hands-on activity, there were several challenges that we had to overcome along the way. It was extremely difficult for me to use the drill because you had to be gentle and use enough force at the same time. Sometimes, it would drill in crooked, meaning that we would have to redo this single step until we got it right. However, it was easy to complete the rest of the construction process with the help of my classmates. Painting the wall seemed to be the least complex step in my opinion because it was simple and only took about five minutes. Although the project was time-consuming, the final product was amazing and a great success.

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