Light Graffiti

In this project, we went into the main gym with a camera, atop a tripod. We turned off all the lights, and, changed the camera’s settings to bulb. When you switch a camera to bulb, you can start the photo, and it will capture all the light it sees until you press the button again. In the darkness, there was no light to capture, so, we used camera phones and flashlights (Facing towards the camera) and drew patterns in the light. We’d either simply create patterns or put ourselves in the photo, painting ourselves in light so that we’d also show up. We had to keep still, so the camera didn’t sense our movement.

We tried to make stars by turning the lights on and off, but that only turned into spots all along us. Afterwards, we simply drew the stars, and it worked much better.


I was frustrated with having to keep still for so long, as some positions are hard to keep. If we were to take this project to the next level, i think it would be cool to add stronger lights and maybe use some props.

Here is the link to my album;

Below are two examples of my work;

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