Super Macro

In this project, I used Mr. Fitz’s camera to take multiple photos of ordinary, and in most cases small objects up close, which increased their size and the point of view at looking at them. For some, I shifted the angle of the camera, and sometimes had to keep the camera away from the object, so that the shot would not go out of focus, or focus on something that I didn’t want to get. In order to get such up close shots, in some I had to take a new approach, such as zooming in the camera a bit. Since I was walking around in a small group, and we found such amazing things to take photos of, it was hard for us to not take the same images. I suppose if I had the materials to do so, I’d like to take an up close image of a waterfall, or maybe a drop of water sliding down a leaf.

Here are two images I took;

Here is my album;

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