1. I am obviously very thankful for my family. I have the best family and I am super close with all of them. My little sister is my best friend although at times she can be annoying.My parents are super awesome and supportive they always know how to make me laugh. I have aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents from all over and I am extremely thankful for them. They make my day better every time I visit them!

2)I am also very thankful for all of my awesome school friends! They motivate me and are hilarious, I have been making memories with them since forever and they make even the most annoying chores better. My closest school friends include, Jenna, Mandy, Paige, Madison, and last but certainly not least Josie. These people are some of my closest friends and I have no idea how I would survive without them!

3) FACT, I am very thankful for my favorite TV show the office. I have watched the entire series 4 times and I loved every second of it except for when Michael leaves. This show has created so many inside jokes with my friends and I and I don’t think any show will ever be better. 

4)I am thankful for calligraphy. Over the past year doing calligraphy has become a hobby and even a job for me. Calligraphy has brought me closer with some of my friends who are in the business with me and I really hope I can continue in the future.

5)I am thankful for camp Lohikan. I have made so may amazing friends and memories here and I would consider this place a second home. I am so happy that I decided to go almost four years ago because I have had such an amazing experience !

6) I am thankful for cheer. I started cheering at Shockwave Allstars three years ago and I have learned so much and met so may amazing people. I am so thankful for being part of an amazing team.

7)I am thankful for my best friend Jenna. Jenna is hilarious and I love her soooo much. She is always there for me and she loves to steal my food.

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