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This is the Columbine Massacre photo. It was taken by George Kochaniec in 2000. This is a very emotional photo because 2 students had just stormed the school with weapons and explosives. This photo shows students outside the school hugging and crying. This photo makes me sad because it is awful for a kid to go through such trauma. This photo also make me feel bad for all the students and their losses. The thing that drew me to this photo was the mans face and seeing how hurt he was.


This is the Horror of war photo. It was taken by Huynh Cong in 1973. This is a very disturbing photo because women and children are running and screaming up and down a dirt road. This photo makes me feel sympathetic because Vietnam planes had just dropped napalm on a village. What really drew me to think photo was the poor children without clothes. This photo really got me feeling sad.

Being a photojournalist must be very challenging because of the traumas you capture. Also, the danger it puts you in and the risks you must take. I honestly don’t think I could do that job based on the photos I’ve seen. These photographers must have been brave people.

Besides the Pulitzer Prize photo gallery, The 2nd exhibit I visited was the 9/11 Gallery and Film. This attacked had effected many people in 2001. The southern tower was hit first. It was also the first to collapse. Bill Biggart was the only photographer who was killed in this awful tragedy. Another photographer named Richard Drew had captured a man jumping from the tower. See the picture below;

In the end, 3 firemen then raised an American Flag after both of the buildings went down. This exhibit fit the museum because the museum showed both traumatizing and happy moments for people to learn about.