Rule of Thirds

For the rule of thirds project, we had to take 8 pictures of objects and people using a grid on our cameras. For Caroline’s picture, I took it so that she was on the right vertical line. For the trash can, it was also on the right vertical line. It was hard to find good objects to take pictures of, and it was easier to take pictures of people. The lighting in every picture worked, but for some pictures, it was hard to place the person or object directly on the line. I liked this project because it taught me that putting a figure on one of the thirds actually draws attention to the object. The 3×3 grid helped me because it showed me directly where the thirds were and where the focus should be.

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White Background

For this project, we had to take pictures in front of a white background to take a picture in front of a white background to make it seem like we were edited onto the picture. Putting the light in front of the background worked because it made the background look less grey. A struggle was the shadows behind us and the amount of light on our faces. Since we had to let more light in than the black background, we had to change the ISO and shutter speed. The shutter speed was longer and the ISO was higher. I think that the black background was easier because you didn’t need as much light and the shadows weren’t as much of a problem.

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