In order to make the pictures work, we have to change the ISO and adjust the shutter speed. The pictures ended up working better in front of the black background and they were easier to take. It was hard to pose and edit the pictures so you couldn’t see the green background or any shadows. Click here to see all of my pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ajBI9G211mdSPolx1

5 Shots

For this project, me and my classmates had to take pictures of 3 different objects. For each photo, there had to be a different angle and position. A challenge was getting all 5 photos and making sure that they were different angles. The hardest object to photograph was probably the crayon, because since it was resting on the table, there weren’t that many good and different angles to use. It helped me realize that moving the camera angle is not the same as just moving around and taking different pictures.  

Click here to see all 15 of my photos:



24 Colors

For the crayon project, I had to go around the school and find colors that matched the crayons in the box. There were definitely some challenges. Some colors were way harder to find than others, so I had to try to find certain colors at home. The  easier part were the normal colors like white and black, and finding a way to take a picture right without holding it. My two favorite pictures are shown below, because it matched the object almost perfectly.

Click here to see my photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rD7GcZiorSrXRSB83

My Logo

Whenever I need a picture for a class, I usually look them up on Google. I have never contacted the photographer, and I have never thought about contacting them. For some projects, I do give credit to the photographer. Sometimes I will put the link to all of the photos that I used. If someone ever used my pictures for a project, I would want them to give me credit for taking the picture. My logo, is a big circle with one side cut off. On the empty side, I put photography in all caps with a simple font. In a fancier font, I put my initials to fill up the circle. It was pretty easy to make my logo. The only hard part was getting the word “photography” to curve with the circle.